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Our Lives in a 104 Square Foot Cement Tomb

Sam says:

I've moved a lot in the last five years; I was beginning to feel slightly nomadic.

1 move to college; 3 moves during college; 1 move to Ham Lake, MN; 1 move to Minneapolis, MN; 1 move out of an illegal rental unit; 1 move to apartment across the street; 1 move to storage unit; 1 move back to Hazen = 10 moves in 5 years.

Though moving is an absolutely horrendous experience every time, it does have its perks, such as learning how to let go of items in lieu of moving them. So far, I've said good bye to one vintage loveseat (sorry great grandma!), an extra large recliner, a 10 gallon fish tank and a 27 inch television (plus several boxes of clothes and random junk). What furniture of mine remains? Double bed, nightstand, dresser, desk, office chair, gamer chair, cube storage thing and a buffet that once held a fish tank but now is pretty pointless.

So when Avery and I decided to jet off to SE Asia for a few months, we weren't too worried about what to do with our stuff. We rented an 8' X 13' storage space and filled it from top to bottom and to the door. Avery's Tetris skills FTW:

It fits!

It fits!



And now for the cliche lesson learned section (you knew this was coming):
I'm pretty amazed at how quickly I've adapted from having a one bedroom apartment full of stuff to about five boxes and a backpack. And of those five boxes, I probably only need two.

One of my friends recently got back from a nine month trip overseas. She carried a couple backpacks of stuff the entire time, picking up and dropping stuff along the way as she needed it. When she returned home, she opened her closet and just started throwing things out. It was too much; she didn't miss it, didn't need it.

Who knows. Maybe I'll be dying for my worldly possessions after 14 weeks of sleeping in random beds and wearing the same outfit every three days. Or maybe I'll just stop paying the rent and let the storage place auction off my stuff.

10 days until we fly out!

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most excellent tetris skills! safe travels to you both. can't wait to hear what's next!

by Melanie Belair

That is impressive! If you let your space go to auction I have some experience watching Storage Wars..just saying :).

by Sarah H

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